Gyudon 牛丼

Mmmmm. There is nothing like gyudon, particularly after a few drinks and on the way home…

This is a common Japanese fast food meal. There are many little 24 hour fast food outlets that sell this dish, along with others of course, but this one is relatively cheap. It is also a very popular home cooked meal, that is comfort food for many Japanese people.

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Asuparagusu Gohan アスパラガス ご飯

Well, this doesn’t seem all that Japanese, but it is a recipe in the bible of Japanese cooking called Japanese cooking: A simple art.

I erred on the side of not putting enough soy sauce, sake and dashi in, because I thought it wouldn’t all fit in my rice cooker. Well, I was right! I still had to empty it into a saucepan half way and add more liquids. It tasted ok, but I should have put in HEAPS of ginger and soy sauce, as I couldn’t really taste it.

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