Gyudon 牛丼

Mmmmm. There is nothing like gyudon, particularly after a few drinks and on the way home…

This is a common Japanese fast food meal. There are many little 24 hour fast food outlets that sell this dish, along with others of course, but this one is relatively cheap. It is also a very popular home cooked meal, that is comfort food for many Japanese people.

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Simmered Pumpkin

Are you growing pumpkins in your vege garden? If you are, then perhaps you are in dire need of a few more pumpkin recipes, with a garage taken over with pumpkin storage. There’s only so much pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, roast pumpkin, pumpkin soup, pumpkin salad that you can eat. I also like raw pumpkin grated onto a salad sandwich. And then there’s dried pumpkin seeds to use as well! Anyway, add this to your glut-of-pumpkin arsenal. Simmered pumpkin.

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