About Me

Hi there. What can I say about me? Well, I love cooking. This blog is intended to be a collection of different recipes that I have come across and think are worth sharing with you. I lived in Japan for 3 years, so there is a fairly heavy bent towards Japanese cooking. When I lived there, I had to learn about the food, because the supermarket was my first big challenge! I couldn’t even tell what packets were sugar and what were salt, and so I started to read about Japanese food. I learnt to read food related words, and started a food blog. For whatever reason, I deleted that blog years ago but recently rediscovered parts of it in my computer’s archives. This is not going to be just Japanese food though. My partner and I love cooking and we love food from all over the world, so expect recipes that started off life all over the globe.

I’m not a big fan of blogs that are overly lengthy in their posts, and have ads after every paragraph, so my write-ups will be brief. BUT, if you have questions about a dish, or about something I’ve done, please ask in the comments. I will answer, and I will update the post with more information when needed.