Asuparagusu Gohan アスパラガス ご飯

Well, this doesn’t seem all that Japanese, but it is a recipe in the bible of Japanese cooking called Japanese cooking: A simple art.

I erred on the side of not putting enough soy sauce, sake and dashi in, because I thought it wouldn’t all fit in my rice cooker. Well, I was right! I still had to empty it into a saucepan half way and add more liquids. It tasted ok, but I should have put in HEAPS of ginger and soy sauce, as I couldn’t really taste it.

So it seems that a bastardised Italian risotto has all of a sudden become Japanese food!

It made quite a large quantity, so I guess I will be having it for lunch for the next couple of days! And possibly with an egg mixed in and fried into patties.

This book is so comprehensive that I can’t really cook many things straight away. I think I will have to read the first half of the book (about Japanese cooking techniques and basics) before I give any of the recipes a go.

Most of this post was written years ago when I lived in Japan. On reflection, I think that the troubles I had with too much liquid etc. are probably to do with cooking in the rice cooker. I would be very keen to try making this again, and when I do, I’ll update this post with the result!

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